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These 3 little pigs got healthy at KNH

1. This little piggy went to market · Take a list and stick to it! · Shop the perimeter—most nutritious foods are usually found on the stores edges (fresh produce, seafood, meats, and dairy products). 2. This little piggy stayed home · Organize your pantry and kitchen! · Keep nutritious foods at eye level (remember your eye level and your toddler’s eye level are different). · In your home, have a nutritious standard for food and drinks. A good guide is for snack items to have less than 10 grams of sugar per serving. 3. This little piggy had roast beef · Choices make meals more enjoyable! · Try “Mommy” Monday and “Taylor” Thursday - you get to decide what the family has for dinner. And everyone agrees to try at least a bite of new food items. · Just remember the meal should include a protein, grain, fruits and vegetables. 4. This little piggy had none ·Don’t skip meals! ·Plan ahead and be prepared. ·Carry nutritious snacks and water for your kids so before they get hungry and thristy, they can have a treat. Carrying one for you, too! Results will be none of those last minute drive thru stops. 5. This little piggy cried yay yay all the way to KNH · Get active as family. ·Try a family bike ride instead of family movie. ·Let your kids help you make a new recipe.

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