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KNH Yearlong WINNING 2014 Program

KNH is kicking off its WINNING 2014 program. The WINNING 2014 program is designed to support our clients in making lifestyle changes so that they can achieve their health and nutrition goals. We know that Resolutions come and go, but, lasting health requires a lifestyle change … a little at a time.

Lifestyle Change requires:

Weight Loss



New Friends


New Habits

Goals Accomplished!

KNH’s Yearlong GOALS Program includes:

· 24 personal sessions – include workbook, assignments, and journal)

· Food diary assessment and feedback

· Monthly newsletters recognizing members fitness and nutrition victories, tips, etc

· Monthly group exercise events

· Monthly excursion (grocery shopping, dine out, farmers’ markets …)

· Weekly emails (coupons, tips, recipes)

· Prizes for achieving incremental goals

o Pedometer

o Free Cooking Class

o Pantry Makeover

o Massages

o Personal Training sessions

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