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Getting Prepared for Back to School

By Nicole Winograd, Summer Intern

It’s August, and that means it’s time for back-to-school. This can easily be one of the most stressful times of the year between the anxiety of starting a new grade and the transition from one schedule to the next. Well, we have some tips to help make the whole back-to-school process a breeze.

Start getting into the back-to-school mindset now. All the changes can be a bit overwhelming for you and your kids, so get in the habit now of taking lunches. For instance, if your child is at day camp or you are at work, you can start packing lunches to determine the best time for you to pack them and which recipes work the best.

Go to bed earlier. We tend to stay up at nights later during the summer, but even if you just get into bed 10 to 30 minutes earlier each night, it will help smooth that transition, so it’s not hard to wake up so early during the school year. Remember, to ensure the best night sleep, eat your last meal 2-3 hours before going to bed every night.

Start thinking about after-school activities. Has your child always wanted to take gymnastics after school? Or would they prefer taking an art class or join the chess club? Start discussing this with your kids so you can find ways to ensure that they are getting enough physical activity each day.

Having any trouble finding ways to keep healthy or stay active? We’re here to help! Book an appointment with us today and we’ll help you ensure that you have all the resources you need to have a healthy start to the new school year. Also be sure to “like” us on Facebook for more great tips for getting ready for back-to-school.


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