August 12, 2014

By Nicole Winograd, Summer Intern


It’s August, and that means it’s time for back-to-school. This can easily be one of the most stressful times of the year between the anxiety of starting a new grade and the transition from one schedule to the next. Well, we have some t...

May 19, 2014

Dinners around the table seem to be a thing of the past. It is not uncommon for families to be committed to multiple evening activities on any given night. On the rare occasion that meals are eaten at home, where does your family eat?...

February 20, 2014

KNH is kicking off its WINNING 2014 program. The WINNING 2014 program is designed to support our clients in making lifestyle changes so that they can achieve their health and nutrition goals. We know that Resolutions come and go, but, lasting health requires a lifestyl...

January 7, 2014

 Make 2014 the year you achieve your goals.  A few tips for achieving your goals

· Setsmall, achievable goals … set yourself up to succeed a little at a time
· Set your goals for short time periods, such as monthly goals
· Be specific.  Notice the difference betwee...

January 6, 2014

1. This little piggy went to market
· Take a list and stick to it!
· Shop the perimeter—most nutritious foods are usually found on the stores edges (fresh produce, seafood, meats, and dairy products).

2. This little piggy stayed home
· Organize your pantry and kitche...

November 1, 2013

The holidays are here again. The kids are almost out of school, family is visiting, and that to-do list is getting longer and longer. It is likely you have that highly anticipated holiday meal on your shoulders and you are looking for a way to please everyone without p...

October 19, 2013

The perils of Halloween aren’t only found at the local Haunted Houses. Here are a few tips for avoiding the tricks that can be played on you and your kids by those lurking Halloween treats:

• Purchase the candy you will give to Trick or Treaters the day of Halloween. T...

September 4, 2013

It’s not rocket science!   We all know the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables is 4-5 cups a day, especially for children ages 9-13 (2 1/2 cups – vegetables, 1.5 cups – fruits).   But once we start taking care of life in the REAL WORLD, how do we make it happ...

August 2, 2013

So much changes when school starts again... and that's right around the corner! Your kids will be taller, others will have a new hair style,... there will be new teachers, and new activities. For some, there may even be a new school. Summer is almost over and it's time...

July 27, 2013

Start by identifying a drawer in the kitchen they can make his or her own. Start with tools like a good plastic lettuce knife, lightweight plastic cutting board, wooden mixing spoon, spatula, whisk, and set of measuring spoons and cups. As your child gets older and bec...

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