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Preparing for a sneaky Halloween

The perils of Halloween aren’t only found at the local Haunted Houses. Here are a few tips for avoiding the tricks that can be played on you and your kids by those lurking Halloween treats:

• Purchase the candy you will give to Trick or Treaters the day of Halloween. This will prevent the temptation of snacking. • Buy “snack or fun size” candy – but not your favorite. Look for something you don’t like. This will decrease the temptation of snacking in case of left overs. • Eat before Trick or Treating. Serve a healthy and filling meal before the fun begins. • Use Caution. Agree that no candy will be eaten until it is brought home. This allows for you to be aware of what was given and ensure its safety and quality, and also, to limit intake by the kids. • Make a Plan. Plan in advance how long and where the kids will go trick-or-treating. This will help cut down the amount of candy collected. • Collection Control. Set a limit of no more than 2 pieces of candy collected per house. Eliminate their desire for grabbing a handful or competing for ‘the most’ collected. • Stay active. If there is time after Trick or Treating, take a long walk around the neighborhood to observe the Halloween decorations and costumes. • Control Intake. After Trick or Treating, agree with your child how much should be eaten at one time and how long the candy will stay in the house.

• Store the candy somewhere out of sight. Remember -- out of sight, out of mind. Also, create a structure where you are aware when the candy is being eaten.​

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