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Weight Loss Goals: Use the MyPlate design to ensure your plate is filled with your favorite fresh foods including fruits and vegetables. To enjoy dairy, try some Greek yogurt, and be sure to add some fresh berries or honey if you have a sweet tooth!

Athletes: Food is your fuel! As the weather warms up and you sign up for those distance runs or tournaments, remember to eat small, frequent meals, with enough carbohydrates to provide the energy you’ll need. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

Gluten Free: Check out the local businesses offering Gluten Free bread and options: Black Walnut Café, Kenny & Ziggy’s, Goode Co, PF Changs, Benjys, Local Foods, Hugos

School Nutrition: Spring brings a myriad of celebrations including Mardi Gras, Rodeo, Easter, and many other school parties, When sending food to school, whether for lunches or special events, create small, single serving portions, and a fresh fruit option to increase the nutritional value and limit allergic reactions to nuts or gluten.

Family Health: Spring is close! Make plans for PLAY. A few hours at the park, or the pool, or the beach will provide much needed family time, a fun way to exercise, and lasting family memories.

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