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Are you concerned about the impact your child’s eating habits and size is having on them?


Children that are underweight have a challenge that most people have a hard time understanding.  The natural solution seems to be, “just eat more!”   Duh!

But that is much easier said than done. More doesn’t mean better – and certainly can be more harm than good when the food choices are unhealthy, like increasing the calories from pizza and ice cream.

Contact us to learn more about improving your child’s nutrition and health – and the quality of your family time.

Does your child

  • Have reports from your doctor that they are underweight?
  • Not finish their meals or get the necessary calories?
  • Skip meals frequently?


Are you

  • In the dark about how to monitor or ensure your child’s nutrition or health? 
  • Confused about how much is enough or too much to ensure your child’s  health?
  • Unable to make an impact in how your child eats?
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