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Are you concerned about the impact your child’s eating habits and size is having on them?


                 Does your child
Avoid trying on or buying new clothes?

Have trouble fitting in during physical or sports activities?
Crave food when dealing with stress?

                 Are you

Worried about how to talk to your child about their weight?

Concerned about your child’s food choices?
Frustrated with efforts to change your child’s eating habits or introduce new options?


Watching your child struggle with their weight and self-esteem is one of a parent’s most difficult challenges. Having an approach that allows them feel to good about themselves and make positive changes is important to any caring adult. 

With the children I work with, we take the time to talk about the positive aspects of improving their nutrition and health – and we do so in such a way that they feel good about themselves and the goals they set.

My work is also with parents, providing tips, tools, and helpful support in the continuing journey of weight management with your child.

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