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Are you struggling with how to live in today’s society and still protect your child from harmful allergens?

             Does your child
Have a food allergy diagnosis?
Feel left out at social events or meals because they don't know what choices will be harmful?
Wish they had more options that are like their friends “normal” foods?


              Are you
Struggling to provide a variety of meals that do not contain allergens?
Looking for options when travelling or attending social events?
Not sure which questions to ask to ensure your child is not exposed to allergens?

Nearly 6 Million children in the US are challenged by food allergies.  For them and their families, life is different.  Eating out is harder. They have to become comfortable asking questions and continuing to ask further questions if not comfortable with the answers.  Finding options in grocery stores requires more effort.  Eating on the run is more challenging. 

We will give you the information and tools to make good choices, eat healthy, and still accomplish your goals.  Reading food labels and asking the right questions of the right people is easier when you know what you are looking for. 

Contact us to learn more about finding the right foods and creating a variety of options for your child with food allergies.

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