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Do you wish meal times were less stressful and you child would eat a wider variety of foods?

Does your child

    Refuse to eat meals?

    Throw food?

    Demand their favorites?

    Cry or throw a fit?

    Starve themselves?

Are you

    Frustrated with the constant battle?

    Limited where you can take them for meals?
    Concerned about how the conflicts are affecting your family time?

Every parent with a young child goes through various stages of feeding. The stage of picky eating can be the most difficult.  

There is not blanket solution.  Picky eaters come in all different ages and each age requires a different approach for the parents and child. Picky eaters come with their own personal quirks --- usually the ones that make it most difficult for Mom and Dad. 

Let me help you make meal time —and your relationship with your children --less stressful.  I can work with you and your family on new habits and techniques to increase the foods your child eats. ​

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