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May you plan summer NOW

Summer is around the corner! This always introduces changes to your family's schedule and daily activities. There's no better time to start developing new, healthy, nutritious habits. Here are a few helpful hints to make the most out of the opportunities summer can bring: Set Goals - no more than 3 By setting clear, attainable goals, you set yourself and your kids up for success and accountability. Your goals DO NOT NEED to be weight related. In fact, celebrating nutritious choices and healthy behaviors is much more manageable and will eventually lead to results on the scale. Some goals for your family might be

  • Each person in the family plans, shops, and prepares one healthy, nutritious meal per month.

  • Each person finds one new, healthy, nutritious "take out” option

  • Each person has two physical activities per week

Discuss why healthy habits are important Even if you are concerned about a weight or nutrition problem, focus on the benefits of healthy choices and the importance for kids to learn about this. These lessons are important as brushing their teeth or taking regular baths. Healthy nutrition gives us all energy to have more fun, clarity to think and learn, and stabilized moods that help us more in every social aspect. Learn from the Experts Talk to a dietitian or health professional for ideas on how to implement the habits specifically for your family- A dietitian is an expert on nutrition and can give you new ideas on how to implement new healthy habits into your current lifestyle Talk About Your Goals It takes just 3 weeks to create a new habit --- but only one day to break it. Share your goals, your reasons, and your plan with friends and family and support one another!


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